Strata complex cleaning

Strata complex cleaning (common property)

Apartment complex cleaning

Apartment complex cleaning

What is strata complex cleaning?

Strata Complex Cleaning

Strata Complex Cleaning

Common spaces in strata buildings are kept clean. A dirty environment is a health risk, especially when such a lot of people living so closely together.

Clean strata complexes add value to the property and encourage tenants to mingle. Strata complex cleaning is NOT the cleaning of individual units.

Each to its own

Alpha Facilities Maintenance will offer a host of services. It is like putting all of the services of a commercial cleaning company together and customizing it to a specific building.

There is no exact definition of what strata complex cleaning is, as each building differs and has its own way.

The important thing is that the cleaning company’s purpose must be to enhance the property in order to attract the best tenants.


What do strata cleaners do?

Conscientious cleaning

Conscientious cleaning

Apartment complex cleaners can be asked to wash windows or shampoo carpets. They must be able to clean lifts, car parks, and garbage rooms. Garbage bins need to be hosed down, cleaned, and disinfected on a regular basis.

Hard floors need to be scrubbed down and washed from time to time.

Furthermore, lobbies and hallways need routine cleaning almost on a daily basis. These areas get the most foot traffic in a strata complex. Fire escapes get dirty too. Spiders do not differentiate between home, office, or a strata complex. Their cobwebs still need to be removed.

External window surfaces are an important part of strata cleaning. The commercial cleaning company will know how to get to hard-to-reach areas and leave the complex with sparkling glass panes.

All common areas need to be spot-checked and any damages should be reported to management.

3 Different types of strata cleaning

Even so, strata cleaning can be roughly sorted into 3 main divisions:

      Cleaning – in its traditional sense.

      Maintenance – washing windows, cleaning car parks, removing graffiti.

    Building management – organizing repairs or communicating with providers.

Some strata complex building supervisors would expect all of these services from the commercial cleaning company that they choose. Others will, for example, outsource gardening services to a gardening company. It will all depend on the needs of the client.

The frequency of service will also depend on the needs of the building and its inhabitants.

Why specific strata cleaners?

Unique cleaning

Unique cleaning

Can’t an untrained cleaner do the same job for less money?

Cleanliness is paramount

Moreover, a home cleaner will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks that a strata complex cleaner has to keep in mind and do. The quality of service is much more important in the cleaning of common property than in a home setting.

What should you look out for in a cleaning company?

Detail cleaning

Detail cleaning


Therefore it is important that the cleaning crew of the strata cleaning commercial company that you chose are trained, fully insured, and have a clean criminal record. They should be able to give attention to detail and do more than is expected of them.


Also, a building manager must have consistent, regular service from his strata cleaners. He has got enough on his plate without having to worry if the commercial cleaning company is doing its job.

Moreover, the commercial cleaning company offering strata complex cleaning will be able to give 100% satisfaction with their services. This means that they should be willing to go the extra mile and provide excellent service even after hours.

Tailored for your needs

Alpha Facilities Maintenance will provide a package that is tailored to your specifications and budget.

In addition, Strata cleaning is planned around daily, weekly and monthly schedules according to the areas that need to be cleaned.

Easing into it

One month to top performance or initial clean up

Our commercial cleaning company can take up to one month to really understand a new building after a takeover or perform an initial clean up.

Also, our strata cleaning company will visit the building regularly during the first month. After this visits will be weekly.

Similarly, in month one, weekly visits should be done to ensure that everything starts off on the right foot. In month two, additional visits to these weekly ones are a good idea in order to clean the slate for month three, when all should be running smoothly and with an understanding of what really needs to be done.


Alpha Facilities Maintenance has been in business for more than 20 years. We’ve started offering our cleaning services in Melbourne back in 1999. Since then, our experience allowed us to expand and develop high cleaning standards at a pristine level and maintain that consistency.


In conclusion, much of the popularity of living or working in a strata complex in Melbourne can be because of the fact that owners don’t have to worry about keeping constant, clean living premises. Let A trusted cleaning professional do the cleaning (and the worrying) for you.

We offer cleaning services to Owners Corporation. Ranging from daily to weekly cleaning. Most buildings’ staff is on a first-name basis with tenants and owners.

Similarly, Our goal is a zero complaint policy, and if a request or complaint does arise and make appropriate changes to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Alpha Facilities is in constant contact with the onsite cleaners to ensure all areas of your building’s cleaning remain 100% positive.

Whether your building is in Brighton or in Melbourne CBD we specialize in all areas of owners corp cleaning.

Alpha Facilities Maintenance has an experienced team. We operate in many strata complexes in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your strata complex’s needs. We’d be happy to tailor-make a package for you.


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