10 Items you should clean every month

Do these simple yet often overlooked cleaning tasks monthly to avoid major messes and costly repairs down the road.

Items you should clean every month.

Washing machine

clean washing machine

It’s recommended to have your washer go through a cleaning cycle once a week, depending on how often you are using the machine. If you aren’t using it as often, it’s recommended to give it wash (both inside and out) once a month. Since most clothes/patterns require a cold wash, hot water isn’t moving through the machine often. The first thing you can do is wash the machine with hot water—bleach included. This will help to kill off whatever bacteria or bugs are currently residing within your machine.




blinds cleaning

If you let your mini blinds build up too much dust and dirt, they can be impossible to clean. The more you spray and wipe, the more you just spread the dust and grease build-up. It’s difficult to thoroughly wipe both sides of all blades using a cloth – all while trying not to damage any of the delicate pieces in the process. The secret? This time-saving kitchen tong hack!


Dishwasher filter

cleaning dishwasher

Remove the filter and wash it to make sure all food particles are gone. Then sprinkle a cup of baking soda in the bottom of the dishwasher and let it sit for 12 hours. Then add a cup of vinegar and run a hot cycle.


Refrigerator grille

Cleaning Refridgerator

The top or bottom of your refrigerator has a grille that you can detach to get access to the compressor and cooling coils. This builds up dust over time and blocks airflow, which can burn out your refrigerator’s cooling system.


Upholstered furniture

Steam cleaning upholstery

Sprinkle a generous amount of regular baking soda onto the fabric and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. The baking soda will help to release odors and break up some light stains in the fabric. After about 20 minutes, remove the baking soda – and the funky smell – with a handheld vacuum or a hose attachment for your large vacuum.


Sink and tub drains

clean sink

If you notice that your sinks or tubs aren’t draining as quickly, there may be a build-up causing a blockage. The first thing to do is try to remove anything that is obstructing the pipe manually using a pipe cleaner to pull debris through the plughole. Second, pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by some hot water, which should clear things out.



Cleaning Grout

Save your worn-out toothbrushes because they’re great for cleaning grout. Just apply a little bit of detergent to the head of the brush. It works especially well on corners.


Ceiling light fixtures

Cleanig Light Fixtures

Cleaning light fixtures on a monthly basis keeps your fixtures from becoming covered in dust. To clean ceiling fixtures wipe the fixture with a cloth and remove the globe or pan for a quick shine as well as dumping any bug remains. You’ll be surprised how much brighter the light is with a little cleaning.


Rangehood filter

Cleaning Rangehood
The purpose of the rangehood filter is to collect grease, so over time, it will become less effective as the grease builds up. To clean them, simply remove them and place them in a sink full of hot water, dishwashing liquid, and baking soda. Leave to soak for 10 to 15 minutes. If needed, scrub the remaining grease off with a brush, and then rinse clean. Dry the filters with a paper towel before replacing them.


Cleaning dryer
Even if you empty your dryer’s lint trap before each load, chances are there is still lint build-up around the area that could potentially cause a fire. So it’s important to deep clean the area once a month, and this handy hint will get the job done. Wrap a clean rag around one end of a paint stir stick. Remove the lint trap and clean out the area with the rag-covered stick. To help the lint stick to the rag, dampen it with water first.
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